Risk Point Consulting works with some of the most prestigious and influential sports companies and colleges in the world – having managed over $750 million dollars in bonuses during the past 15 years alone.

Sports sponsorship, by its nature, is fraught with risk and we help manage this risk through proactive methods. This allows companies to enter into contractual relationships that include the necessary “pay for performance” that athletes and teams seek, but also allow for the budget efficiency today’s business market requires.

Risk Point Consulting understands the myriad of ways to arrange and implement the important bonus structure components of team and athlete contracts. We also have an extensive knowledge of the negotiating process involved in compensation-based incentives and can introduce innovative ways to approach the process. In addition to athlete contract development, Risk Point Consulting can do budget analyses within the sports endorsement field. Lastly, we can manage the appropriate risk transfer by working with the top Contractual Bonus Insurance markets in the world.

Together, this experience allows Risk Point Consulting to help you achieve a fair contract, preserving your bottom line while offering the coach, athlete or team the necessary upside.