Over Redemption

Rebates, scratch-off tickets, redeemable coupons, collect-and-win games…

Redemption-based promotions are effective ways to reach out to consumers and increase activation. But what do you do when your exciting new promotional campaign exceeds budget because consumer response is greater than anticipated? It’s a case when success can be a problem, unless you have a safety net.

Risk Point Consulting balances the financial risks associated with promotions. Accurately predicting redemption results is a challenging task. We can remove the guesswork through coordination of traditional Over Redemption Insurance or through the establishment of a fixed-fee insurance policy.

Whether it’s a $100 gas card gift with purchase or a free movie pass with the purchase of a movie tie-in product, companies offering redemption programs must account for unexpected consumer response.

A budget overage should be the last thing on your mind when your redemption program succeeds, and with Risk Point Consulting, it will be.