No company can see into the future. However, proper planning can allow a company to address the uncertainty that the future holds, and protect itself.

Risk Point Consulting specializes in helping companies minimize the budgetary risk associated with both consumer promotions and sports sponsorship compensation. We also work with companies seeking to mitigate external risks that may affect budget efficiency.

Companies involved in consumer redemption programs and athletic sponsorships have similar concerns. These two avenues are alike in their elements of performance and the uncertain impact it can have on a budget. Therefore, companies in these arenas should understand that their financial future can be influenced by how a consumer reacts or an athlete performs. Companies often fail to consider that too much success can come at a price to the bottom line. This is what we call the RISK POINT — when unexpected success causes negative financial ramifications.

Risk Point Consulting provides protection against this uncertainty. We develop proactive strategies that allow companies to achieve their objectives while reducing the inherent risk involved. Don’t let your company hit it’s RISK POINT without contacting us first.